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Nantucket in the Spring

It’s spring, which means Nantucket is waking up again after a long, cold, and quiet winter!

The beaches, although still a bit too chilly for swimming, offer a peaceful retreat for long walks, sunset watching, and shell collecting. 

The island’s Moors and nature reserves begin to show signs of wildlife and are a delight to explore, with trails winding through fields of wildflowers and tall grasses. If you find the right spots, you’ll even catch views of the island’s coastline and the ocean beyond.

Bikes have started to become a more mainstream mode of transportation around the island, so you’re likely to see the island’s paths get busier! If hiking is more your thing, Tupancy Links and Altar Rock are beautiful areas to explore.

While there are so many ways to enjoy spring on Nantucket, here are a few favorites we recommend.

Explore Nantucket Town

Start the day with coffee or tea at Handlebar Café, then take your time wandering through the cobblestone streets and strolling along the historic wharves. Explore the unique local shops, boutiques, and art galleries, and don’t forget to stop in for lunch at a waterfront restaurant with a view (we love Brant Point Grill). It’s easy to spend a day in town and still not see everything!

Visit the Beaches

While we can’t say the water is warm enough to swim in quite yet, the sandy shores are perfect for long walks, beach combing, and enjoying scenic views, no matter which one you choose. Some of our favorite beaches to explore in the springtime are Surfside Beach, Cisco Beach, and Madaket Beach.

Go for a Bike Ride

Nantucket is a cyclist's paradise! With scenic routes that take you past beaches, lighthouses, and beautiful fields and pastures, you’ll never be bored when you take the leisurely way around the island. There are many bike rental shops in town that make it easy to explore the island on wheels!

Explore Nantucket’s Hiking/Walking Trails

Take in the island's natural beauty by hiking or walking along the trails in the Moors, nature reserves, and conservation areas. The Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge and Sanford Farm are great places for exploring on foot, bird watching, wildlife spotting, and escaping the more touristy areas.

Attend Spring Events and Festivals

Check out the island's calendar of events for spring festivals, art shows, and cultural celebrations. Nantucket's Daffodil Festival, which takes place in April, is a highlight of the spring season with a parade, antique car show, and thousands of daffodils in bloom.

Mid-May brings the Nantucket Wine Festival, where renowned chefs and wineries showcase their finest dishes and selections. Boat lovers, don’t forget to be on island for one of our personal favorites: Figawi Race Weekend! Cheer on the racers, then stick around for the festivities and events afterward.

Cruise Nantucket Harbor

This list wouldn’t be complete without spending some time out on the water! Starting at the end of May, climb aboard for a Nantucket By Water Tour — we have something for everyone. While you may need to bring a sweatshirt along, you can’t beat the unobstructed views of Nantucket’s coastline and seeing the island from a new perspective.

If you’re looking to spend some time on Nantucket before the flow of crowds and busier streets, a spring trip is the perfect way to experience the best of the island. Now all you need to do is book that ticket!


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