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Everything You Need To Know About Wampum Tours

Explore Nantucket with Wampum Tours

Summer 2024 has arrived, and with it, the promise of unforgettable experiences aboard the Wampum with Nantucket By Water. Picture yourself aboard our 11-passenger boat, ready to discover the beauty and charm of Nantucket’s waters in style. Whether you’re seeking family-friendly activities, serene eco-tours, or a unique outing with friends, Wampum charters and tours offer an array of captivating voyages designed to showcase the best of the island.

Kids Fishing Trip: A Family Adventure

Join us for the Kids Fishing Trip, a hands-on experience perfect for young anglers eager to learn and explore. Lasting one hour, this trip combines excitement with education as children discover the art of fishing in Nantucket’s pristine waters. With catch-and-release activities and expert guidance from our crew, it’s an ideal introduction to the island’s maritime wildlife for kids of all ages.

Up Harbor Eco Tour: Discover Nantucket’s Hidden Gems

Embark on a two-hour Up Harbor Eco Tour and uncover the secluded wonders of Polpis and Wauwinet harbors. This immersive journey explores Nantucket’s rich biodiversity, offering opportunities to swim in serene spots, unwind on Coatue Island’s picturesque beaches, and connect with nature in its purest form. From observing local wildlife to enjoying a relaxing picnic by the shore, every moment is a testament to Nantucket’s natural beauty.

Oyster Farm Tour: Dive into Nantucket’s Aquaculture Scene

Experience the island’s thriving aquaculture industry with the Oyster Farm Tour, a captivating (and delicious!) two-hour excursion. Discover firsthand how oysters are sustainably farmed while gaining insights into their ecological importance to Nantucket’s coastal ecosystem. This tour not only educates but also delights, offering guests a unique perspective on seafood cultivation and environmental management. Bring a bottle of your favorite champagne and this will be a trip to remember for a lifetime!

Sip and Fish: Relaxation Meets Adventure

For parents seeking a blend of relaxation and adventure, the Sip and Fish cruise is the perfect choice. While children enjoy a hands-on fishing experience, adults can unwind with their favorite beverages with the tranquil backdrop of Nantucket’s waters. This 1.5-hour excursion ensures fun for the whole family, combining parents’ leisurely moments with the thrill of watching your child explore Nantucket’s maritime treasures.

Private Charter: Tailored Experiences for Every Occasion

Customize your Nantucket adventure with our Private Charter options, ideal for intimate gatherings, special celebrations, or corporate events. Whether you prefer a one-hour sunset cruise or a three-hour exploration of the island’s scenic coastline, our private charters accommodate up to 11 passengers and allow you to create a bespoke itinerary that reflects your unique preferences and interests.

Plan Your Nantucket Adventure Today

Ready to embark on your Nantucket By Water journey? Book your tour today and indulge in a summer of exploration, relaxation, and unforgettable moments on the island’s pristine waters. Our fleet stands ready to deliver exceptional experiences, ensuring that every cruise on the Wampum is nothing short of extraordinary.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover Nantucket like never before. Learn more about our fleet, explore our diverse range of tours and charters, and secure your spot aboard Nantucket By Water today!


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